Final Issue of Canadian Lawyer Associates

Looks like CLB Media is pulling the plug on their Canadian Lawyer Associates magazine. This from an email I received yesterday:

“The Spring edition of Canadian Lawyer Associates magazine, now in circulation and available digitally at, will be the last printed version of the publication. Market conditions have prevented this very well-received publication from gaining the advertising traction it needed to sustain its publishing schedule.

We wish to thank all those in the legal community who supported the publication through advertising and by supplying story ideas and editorial content which allowed us to publish and distribute five excellent issues for 10,000 new lawyers across Canada.

We will continue to serve this important audience through Canadian Lawyer, Canadian Lawyer InHouse, Canadian Lawyer 4Students and Law Times both in print and online, including exclusive web content. Additionally, we will be able to assist those wishing to reach this vital target with new digital opportunities coming soon.”

Building a new publication around a smaller audience demographic should have allowed CLB Media to provide better targeting for advertisers. The concept, paper-vs-electronic aside, had merit. So why retreat?

I suspect the big issue here was just bad timing. Sponsorship and advertising dollars are tight in the legal market right now. It’s also possible that the audience was “too small” for the Canadian market (which I doubt), or that CLB Media has a pending acquisition (just speculation on my part, but always a possiblity).

If it is a reflection of our present economy, hopefully the idea can be revived in the future. Associates, and new lawyers generally, are a group with unique interests and perspective. I also think they’re a group worth isolating & getting in front of.


  1. Publishing is a tough industry, and in this economy, even tougher. It is unfortunate for the editors, writers and artists who worked on Associates that CLB media has chosen to cease publication.

    Precedent Magazine ( is Ontario’s first legal publication for associates, and we have been reaching the young lawyer demographic with success. Precedent is a proud independent publication and we are not, and have never been, in discussions with CLB Media regarding acquisition.

    Launched in October 2007, our sixth issue just went to press, and we continue to deliver law and lifestyle stories to over 20,000 lawyers and law students. Both our readers and our advertisers have given us strong, positive feedback.

    Melissa Kluger
    Publisher & Editor
    Precedent Magazine

  2. My apologies Melissa. I suppose there aren’t too many ‘acquisition targets’ out there besides yourself. :)

    Continued success to Precedent as a strong independent magazine. And I hope some day (maybe in a better economy) you’ll consider publishing out here on the west coast!