Facebook and Creative Commons?

I just received this message via Facebook:

Hi Creative Commons Cause,
As you have probably heard, Facebook has been revising their terms of service.

This has spawned a grassroots movement inside Facebook to encourage the platform to adopt Creative Commons licenses, similar to Flickr or blip.tv‘s implementation.

The group has gained momentum and already has almost 2,000 members, so we thought we would point it out to you, our supporters.

Check it out if you’re interested in organizing for this feature and see some of the mockups of what CC-in-Facebook might look like:


Thanks for your continued support!

Fred Benenson
Outreach Manager, Creative Commons

It is an interesting thought. I’m not sure if it will change anything with regard to Facebook’s plan for its terms of service. For more background information about that fiasco, I posted a recent Rocketboom video to my personal blog which helps explain it. Facebook recently reverted to an older version of its terms of service while it works on a completely new version.

Information about Creative Commons can be found on their Canadian website http://www.creativecommons.ca/.

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