New International Arbitration Blog From Kluwer

Started in January, the Kluwer Arbitration Blog is from Kluwer Law International. They have pulled together a range of contributors from practice, academia and legal publishing for this focused cooperative blog. From one of their first posts:

The international arbitration world is a unique epistemic community. We come from every corner of the globe and yet we all deeply care about the same issues. We number in the thousands and yet there is a remarkable degree of collegiality among our members. The arbitration world is marked by an astonishing variety of individuals who share the common attributes of cosmopolitanism, professional competence and emotional intelligence. The people in the arbitration world are a fascinating lot, and we hope to make this new forum as interesting a venue for discussion as the people who occupy this field.

Given the nature of international arbitration, it is astonishing that we do not currently have an effective forum for daily discussion about the world of international arbitration. It is our hope that Kluwer Arbitration Blog will be that forum. We have leading experts from around the world who have enthusiastically endorsed this project. The interest they have shown in participating reflects the desperate need for a venue such as this.

Hat tip to Tim Knight over at the Osgoode Hall Law School Library blog Off the Shelf for pointing this out!

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