iPhone 3.0 Debuts

The big tech news yesterday was Apple’s preview of the new iPhone 3.0 software that is available now for developers, and this summer as a free upgrade for iPhone users.

The Apple mystique and reality distortion field continue despite Steve Jobs’ absence from the podium. There is no question that the iPhone sets the bar for smartphones, even though many of the new features announced yesterday are already available on other phones.

Details can be found on almost any tech site – but given Slaw’s audience, take a look at iPhone J.D.’s article entitled Why lawyers will love iPhone Software 3.0. The first iPhone was not deemed worthy for business use, but that is no longer the case. I’ve always tried to resist joining the Apple cult – basing my choices on logic and price – but it is quite tempting to give into the dark side with iPhone 3.0.

Microsoft was ahead of the game a couple of years ago, but is now playing catch up – working on Windows Mobile 6.5, and 7. RIM is certainly in the game with its Bold and Storm. Then there is the Google Android OS, and Palm’s Pre.

Personally, I’m in a conundrum. The term on my Windows Mobile smartphone is up in May, and I “need” to upgrade to 3G and something more cutting edge. Perhaps I’ll wait and see what comes out this summer. There is some speculation that there will be new iPhone hardware to go along with the release of 3.0. HTC is supposed to release a new Touch Pro 2 in Q2 which I believe either ships with WM 6.5, or will be upgradeable to 6.5.

If anyone at Rogers is listening – please get the HTC Touch Pro 2 as soon as it is available – not months after the rest of the world, and provide the OS updates just as quickly.

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