Access to Justice and “Going Electronic”

In a comment to the recent post by Patricia Hughes, Justice B. T. Granger of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice referred to a set of slides for a presentation he had given at the 2008 CBA Canadian Legal Conference in Quebec City entitled “The Future is Now: Improving Access to Justice: The Need for Lawyers and the Judiciary to Go Electronic.” I thought that this was a presentation that might interest more than a few Slaw readers and got in touch with Justice Granger, who kindly agreed to let Slaw publish the slides.

Of course because this was about technology Fodden’s Law of Perversity dictated that we should have technical problems. These were eventually solved by printing the silde show to PDF, which is the format we offer it in here. As you might expect from a seasoned judge, the slides are clear and comprehensible, so that although we lack the benefit of Justice Granger’s comments, we can follow his argument without difficulty.

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