Webcast Interview of Professor Richard Susskind on “the End of Lawyers”

Just posted on the web is a recent discussion between Mark Harding, Group General Counsel, Barclays and Professor Richard Susskind, OBE on “The End Of Lawyers?”.

If you didn’t listen to Professor Susskind’s ABA TECHSHOW keynote, here is another chance to hear his take on what the future holds for lawyers. The topics covered include:

  • Market predictions and changes – technology and commoditisation
  • Law firm management – new approaches for the future
  • Innovation and R&D – rethinking the delivery of legal services
  • Change management for clients – new ways of working
  • Market competition and external investment
  • Collaboration – more for less
  • Developments in technology to support risk management
  • Implications of emerging technologies for access of justice
  • Future trends and opportunities for lawyers

Listen to the TECHSHOW keynote or this interview – both argue very persuasively that fundamental change is upon the legal profession. Lawyers interested in a future in the practice of law should read “The End of Laywers?” book.


  1. I didn’t see the actual link to the interview in this post; it’s here:

  2. This interview speaks exactly to the requirement of tomorrow’s lawyer to take lead in their area of practice and separate commodity data from knowledge – those who move first will own their market. Unfortunately there are only a VERY FEW commercial options available for lawyers to start thinking and acting this way…