The Friday Fillip

I like repetition. I enjoy multiples of things that are pretty much the same. Give me clusters of like objects.


Now if you take similar things in very great numbers and play with them, you can produce some pretty, well, pretty effects. Which is what this fillip will offer. I have two illustrations to show you. The first is an office trick that you should, perhaps, not try at the office, and it uses that most humble of office supplies, the sticky note. EepyBird (whoever/whatever that is) has massed masses of sticky notes and set them to falling in slinky-like arrays. Click on the graphic below to go the video that will chill the heart of every office supplies manager.

Now let’s go outside for our array. This time it’s a Honda commercial that shows what happens if you mass hundreds of cars Honda Insight hybrids in the desert at night, point them in the same direction, wire them just right, and let a computer person play with their headlights as if these were pixels on a screen. Again, click on the image to see the things in action (sorry about the feeble tune behind it all).

And of course because the story about the story is nowadays as or more important than the story itself, there’s a video about the making of the video. Which, when you come to think of it is a kind of repetition.

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