Stub Posting on Google Squared

I can’t do more than point to some links, but Google’s pre-emptive response to Wolfram|Alpha appears to be about to launch.

It is discussed by the BBC, ZDNet , SearchEngineWatch and Inquisitr . The Beeb says

It takes information from the web and displays it in a spreadsheet in “split seconds”, something Ms Mayer said would normally take someone half a day to do.

During the demonstration, a query for “small dog” was typed into the search box. Seconds later a table popped up showing photographs of various dogs, their origin, weight and height in a clear and simple layout.

While this product is described as “transformative”, Google would only hint at the specific techniques that ituses to drive this feature.

There’s a video demo on Tech Crunch, which hints at how it will all work.

Can the Slaw community let us know what we should think of all this.

Meanwhile we wait with bated breath for Wolfram|Alpha

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