Microsoft Says Go Direct to Windows 7

In a recent speech Bill Veghte – senior vice president, Windows business, for Microsoft – advised that if a business is now in the testing phase to upgrade from XP to Vista, they should stop and go direct to Windows 7.

The Windows 7 release candidate is now available for testing purposes, and Windows 7 is expected to be available this fall.

Conventional wisdom for operating systems in the enterprise is that we should wait until the first service pack is released to deploy, to give more time for initial bugs to be worked out. Early reviews and commentary on Windows 7 are positive and suggest it is not necessary to wait.

See the text of his speech, and an article in Computerworld.


  1. I think Microsoft is on to something with this bold new business approach.

    Rather than produce inefficient, resources-wasting products shot through with securities flaws, and then create patch after patch to fix them later, they simply leap ahead to the next inefficient, resource-wasting product shot through with securities flaws.

    Why fix something when you can just make it obsolete? This isn’t the auto industry where the profit comes from fixing the product rather the initial sale itself.