Put Yourself on a Billboard With Rasterbator

Rasterbator is a free tool that turns any image into a huge poster. While you can have fun with pictures of family, friends or your pets, or monsters in your living room window for Halloween, for work purposes you could also use this app create a sign or to blow-up a chart or graph.

Rasterbator gives you two ways to blow-up images: You can upload an image to the Rasterbator site or you can download a Rasterbator app to your computer.

Rasterbator gives you a blown-up image that you can print on multiple sheets of paper. Assemble these sheets in the proper order on your wall and viola, see yourself larger than life. You will have to do some trimming if your printer can’t print to the very edge of each sheet.

A word of warning, you will gain a new appreciation of the cost of printer cartridges as printing large posters will consume large amounts of ink. Printing black-and-white posters might be a cheaper option, and printing on a laser printer is probably an even cheaper option.

Have fun with this cool app.

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