This Week’s Biotech Highlights

The “me” generation was out in full force in the world of biotech this week:

General Electric offered $100 million of loans as part of its healthymagination program, which is bound to — not coincidentally — boost sales of GE’s medical records systems. Good press and good sales. Good job!

In the U.S. Senate, a new version of the Comparative Effectiveness bill tries to allay Republican concerns by focusing more on the individual patient … leading comparative effectiveness right to the doorstep of personalized medicine.

In Wisconsin and Jerusalem, everyone was vying to divy up the biotech pie, giving themselves the largest slice. 

Canada wasn’t about to be left out: BDC got new funding (to the dismay of some who prefer a market-based approach), and the Ontario Emerging Technologies Fund cruised toward deploying some of its $250 million in capital, with an informational meeting shedding more light on the program and a Q&A session filling in some of the gaps in the RFP. Plus, the Ontario Venture Capital fund flexed some of its direct investment muscle (although not in biotech … what about me?!?).

Check out all these stories, plus an Abba edition of the Weekend Science Review and my first appearance in a Nature publication (me!!) and more at the Cross-Border Biotech Blog.

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