And How Does That Make You FEEL?

Synesketch feels your pain, and expresses it as an abstract drawing. Just feed it some text to start it off.

Synesketch is a result of a research that spreads out through several diverse fields – from natural language processing techniques based on WordNet, across Ekman’s research of emotions, to color psychology, visual design, data visualizations, and affective computing.

Produced in Belgrade, by Uroš Krčadinac and others, the potential applications are interesting.

The author also suggests it could be useful for a chat program, but that strikes me as pretty abitious, considering that it is the lack of context that can make email and chat communications ambiguous. What would this program make of a statement like “I’m MAD about your project!” if it did not know that the speaker was British? A tightly defined context is going to be pretty important. Here’s another, potentially more interesting application that gauges the emotions of coders as they worked on various famous software products.

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