Kudos to Burnet, Duckworth: Put the Boots to Hunger

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As Calgarians head into the Stampede, today’s Globe and Mail notes that the partners at Burnet, Duckworth & Palmer have decided to make a donation to their local food bank rather than hold their annual Stampede party. Here’s the relevant bit:

Burnet, Duckworth & Palmer LLP decided to forgo its usual glitzy party with more than 2,000 guests after it learned that the Calgary Inter-Faith Food Bank had recently seen a 50-per-cent jump in demand, but a decrease in donations and volunteers.

“The partners got together and decided, you know, it may be more appropriate this year instead of putting the money towards a party, put the money towards the food bank,” said Brian Feick, the law firm’s director of marketing.

The firm gave $150,000 to the food bank and has launched a Put the Boots to Hunger fundraising campaign with an eye to raising another $500,000. Even private parties are being pared back – including the grandest of them all, Jim Kinnear’s annual affair, which closes down a nearby street because his own backyard doesn’t have enough room.

After reading so many articles about greed and uncaring lately, this is so refreshing. It’s great to see a law firm that cares. I hope this is just a little part of a big, fat trend!

Learn more about the campaign on their website or–even better–visit the Put the Boots to Hunger website to make a donation.

Cowgirl hat tip to Doug Jasinski.

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