Updated List of Most Popular LAWPRO/practicePRO Downloads Just Posted

Having just passed the halfway point of 2009, we crunched the numbers on the most popular year-to-date article and resource downloads from the LAWPRO and practicePRO websites. There are a few new additions to the top ten, and past favourites have swapped places. The updated most popular LAWPRO/practicePRO downloads list appears here.

It looks as if more lawyers are looking at their firm finances, as the always popular sample law firm budget spreadsheet jumps up to become the most downloaded resource over the last six months. The sample law firm business plan came in at #9.

Peg Duncan’s amazing and always popular Canadian-focused e-discovery reading list comes in at #2.

Rollie Thompson’s article on the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines from LAWPRO Magazine comes in at #3.

The LAWPRO Magazine article on understanding the dangers of metadata, which has been at or near the top since it was first published, comes in at #4.

I’m very pleased to see LAWPRO’s new Fraud Fact Sheet comes in at #5.
It has lists of the specific red flags to look out for on various types of fraudulent matters. Download and give copies to your staff and lawyers to help tmem spot bogus matters.

My recent LAWPRO Magazine article BlackBerry 101 comes in at #6. These practical tips for doing more with your BlackBerry clearly struck a chord with lawyers, as this has to be one of my most popular columns ever, judging from the dozens of calls and e-mails I have received on it.

Several of our retainer precedents, as well as our always popular limitation periods charts , round out the top 10.

On our top downloads page you can see the rest of the top 40 downloads to July 2009, as well as the top downloads for 2008, 2007 and 2006.

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