Wired Lawyers


This week, the entertainment group at Heenan Blaikie has been commenting on various developments in the sector. But I thought it might be fun to ask how media and entertainment lawyers use the new media.

So I asked the group:

What sites are on your bookmarks, that you check daily or that you get email updates from or RSS feeds?

What are the must reads for clients? Does everyone read Variety or Hollywood Reporter? Is there an electronic equivalent?

Do you or your clients use social media? Facebook? MySpace? Linkedin? Legalonramp? Twitter? Follow any blogs? Contribute to any blogs? Or is that just too Silicon Valley passé?

The answers reveal that this group is pretty plugged in. And that they’re focused on the same issues and media that the clients follow.

Some examples:

RSS anyone?

I spend a lot of time on Wired for new media buzz and I also receive daily emails from nextMEDIA. I get the Playback and Variety emails as well.

Here’s a smattering of my industry-related web links: Mediacaster Magazine/, Cartt.ca (which publishes breaking news, in-depth feature stories, analysis and opinion geared specifically towards the men and women working in the cable, radio, television and telecom industries in Canada), our old friend Michael Geist’s site, DSLreports.com (the largest online community based on interest in consumer broadband), Forbes Media site/, from London the Financial Times, the Silicon Alley Insider, the Wrap, and from the NYT the Vulture.

In the Blogosphere, Davis Wright Tremaine’s Washington, DC office Broadcast Law Blog, and Google’s Public Policy Blog which has Google’s take on issues in government, policy and politics.

What’s on your Ipod?

Also, I rely on daily/weekly podcasts including Slate cultural gabfest, Filmspotting, Creative screenwriter, KCRW’s The Business, Guardian media talk USA, Npr culturetopia, Npr pop culture, On the Media -WNYC, Bloomberg on economy.

Finally, for the weather forecast. Very cool.

For industry news I also go to the hollywood reporter; Nikki Finkes Deadline Hollywood Daily and screen international who also send me daily e-mails.

For entertainment news, i go to www.chud.com and aintitcoolnews.com.
I receive the electronic Daily Variety, also review daily Playback online for Canada.

Social media?

I use Linked In, Plaxo and Facebook. I also make extensive use of imdb.com for information about people and projects. In addition, I use www.movieset.com, more entertainment than any legal content.

I use facebook, as do some of my clients. I also contribute to knowthemusicbiz.com (music business blog). I regularly check Hollywood Reporter and billboard.biz.

And finally, from the West, “I spend no time on Facebook at work. Zero. ‘Cause that’s not allowed”.


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