The Court Within the Court

Doing some filing work I came across a photograph I took during a visit to the Supreme Court a couple of years ago: In one of the courtyards that bring light to inner-facing windows (see an image of the plan) there’s a badminton court. At least, I’m reliably informed that’s what it is:


click image for full view

The thought of justices whacking away at shuttlecocks is a mighty pleasing one, though I suspect that the court is used by staff or the clerks. The net seems a bit low to me, though, so maybe it’s for counsel to unwind in an unchallenging setting.


  1. In the early 90’s the judges of the SCC and Federal Court were known for their prowess on the squash court.

  2. Wendy likely has better sources and recall than I do, but I thought that the racquet game of choice was tennis, and that Sopinka J. and Iacobucci J were the primes. And that there was some questioning about whether it was appropriate for them to play in doubles against the then Finance Minister Michael Wilson.

    And here is the notice at the other Supreme Court’s sports facilities.