CNW Group: Social Media for Law Firms

The increasing influence of social media has not just been noticed by traditional print publications.

CNW Group (formerly Canada News Wire) is Canada’s largest source for press releases and media information. They’re also known for their audio and video webcasting abilities, so they’re always on the cutting edge for technological developments.

One of their more exciting projects recently has been the Social Media Release, which allows for text to be augmented by more rich content including hyperlinks, dowloadable images and logos, audio and video.

You know the time has come for law firms to adopt social media when they prepare a specific packet for them. Heather Morrison of CNW Group released Canadian Law Firms and their Use of Social Media today, which is likely to become one of the primary sources for Canadian firms looking to enter this area.

She covers many of the basics, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), different types of social media, strategic issues on when to blog, and some of the major social media players in the country.

Yes, Slaw is listed.


  1. You were nicely featured in Heather Morrison’s document, too, Omar. Congratulations.

  2. As was Steve Matthews. Way to go folks.

  3. Thanks all, and congrats all around.