Business Processes and KM

I have been wearing my knowledge management hat a lot lately. I am working with our internal departments and groups to identify process pain points and find ways to tweak our existing systems to enable more intuitive information sharing. This process make me think about … processes.

Like many organizations, we sometimes fall down on laying out our processes for things. This often means that one group thinks another group is responsible for a task that they are really responsible for. Beyond obvious internal communication issues, I interpret my KM roll as “facilitator of good processes”.

I went looking for some ideas on documentation and business process and found cool things. Here they are for you consumption in no particular order:

Have you found good articles on business process documentation lately? Please share in the comments.


  1. Shaunna, I like your thoughts on the role of KM and business process. I checked the items I have tagged in my Delicious account, and found an outstanding 8-part blog post series on the history of Business Process Management (BPM) by Sandra Kemsley, an IT consultant here in Toronto. Read it from top to bottom:


  2. That is a great site, thanks Connie.

  3. Oops, I should have said read it from bottom to top. That makes more sense! Cheers.