JurisPedia Wins Legal Informatics Prize

I’ve learned from Hughes-Jehan Vibert that his JurisPedia project has recently won the 2009 Dieter Meurer Prize for Legal Informatics [in German]. We talked about JurisPedia a couple of years ago here on Slaw. And last year Simon Chester posted about the 2008 winner, Case Matrix.

JurisPedia’s new front page operates as a search engine, using Google’s Custom Search, with filters available that let you focus your search on any one of 70 jurisdictions around the world. You can, as well, search the wiki that is the growing JurisPedia encyclopedia.

Hughes-Jehan, who studied at UQAM and is now a post-doctoral Researcher at the Institute for Computer Science and Law (IFRI) at Saarland University, was kind enough to say that this idea was sparked by a post on Slaw. His acceptance speech, in French, is available online.

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