International Law Librarians List

Email lists still exist.

One of the first — if not the first — social media on the internet, they’re still enjoyed by people who like to find their information in their inbox. Though perhaps their number is not what it was when Eric J. Heels compiled his 1996 catalog of Law-related Resources on the Internet.

The International Law Librarians List is of interest because, unlike many, it has a publicly accessible and searchable web archive, which makes it a potentially valuable research tool, of course, and also a source of interesting information if you’re just browsing.

For example, there are perhaps a dozen emails logged for the first week of October. One offers a link to a stunning online gallery of photographs from a book about historical libraries in Europe by the Turkish photographer Ahmet Ertug. (Click to see a sample here.) There’s a brief discussion about treaties governing service of papers on entities outside the U.S. Onetime Slawyer Ruth Bird, Librarian at Oxford’s Bodleian, steps in to help the World Bank find two Pakistani Supreme Court judgments, where the commercial services don’t go back in time that far. You see what I mean: good browsing material.

I’d be interested in learning about other law-related email lists that have publicly accessible archives or about catalogs of these.

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