CALL VLC Publisher Price Trends 2010

At the request of VLC Chair Shaunna Mireau, who is boarding a plane to NYC, I’d like to relay the 2010 anticipated price increases from publishers in the Canadian market. These numbers are gathered by the Vendors Liaison Committee, and archived on the CALL website.

  • Canada Law Book is advising a 3% to 6% price increase for print and electronic products.
  • Carswell price increases will be in the 5-7% range for print products.
  • CCH Legal/Business/Tax subscription products will increase approximately 3-9%. The price increase for Legal/Business books available in print should be in the 2-5% range and for our Tax books in a 5-10% range for 2010.
  • Éditions Yvons Blais price increase for books should be in the 3-5% range. The increase for online products is in the range of 3-7%.
  • Emond Montgomery Publications price increases will be selective and will not exceed 2-5%.
  • Irwin Law has no major increase planned. They continue to produce quality books at a fair value so that their authors get a decent royalty and the company gets a fair return. Books are shipped by Canada Post and therefore this cost will be affected by increases by Canada Post.
  • LexisNexis products will increase on average in the range of 4-5% next year.
  • SOQUIJ has confirmed they do not expect any increase for 2010.
  • Wilson & Lafleur does not plan any price increases in 2010

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