Google Roundup

Some recent Google items

Google is always releasing new features or apps. Here’s a rundown of some released recently that may have relevance for lawyers… Permalink Similar

    Google Wave

    This is the biggie that some say is a bust. It deserves — and will get — a more thorough review here in due course, once I’ve learned how to use it. In the meantime, look at Lifehacker to see what it’s about; and to understand better what it might do for firms. Permalink Similar wave


    This is a new feature for the Google Toolbar, available for IE and Firefox browsers, that lets you put annotations about a website in a sidebar, so that others who have Sidewiki can see them upon visiting the annotated site. As a publisher of a website, I dislike this idea; I do not want uncontrolled content popping up in intimate connection with Slaw, even it it’s clear to anyone with half a brain that the Sidewiki material is not the product of Slaw… google_plus [more on Sidewiki] Permalink Similar

    Google Docs Viewer

    You can now use Google Docs to read any PDF, PPT, or TIFF online document. As well, you can create links to any of these documents such that clicking on the link opens it in Docs Viewer. Even more handy, perhaps, is this bookmarklet from Noscope that lets you open a PDF, PPT or TIFF link in the Viewer with two clicks. PermalinkSimilar google-docs

    Shared Folders in Google Docs

    To share a group of documents in Google Docs you can now place them in a folder and share that folder. It’s a simple process and the instructions given via the link above are quite clear. PermalinkSimilar google-docs


  1. I surely understand why many webmasters don’t like SideWiki and fear that competitors will use it to add comments to your site that will be as helpful as the comments that graffiti artists add to bathroom walls.

    You should monitor the SideWiki comments on your own site(s) closely and act promptly on negative comments. There are now tools available that can monitor SideWiki comments for you, and alert you when new comments are posted.

  2. Thank you for the update, Simon. I also find the way you formatted this post to be interesting. Did you do that manually, or use one of the tools you mentioned?


  3. I did it manually, Connie. It would have been cooler, I agree, to have used something Google makes to make it look like Google.

  4. Regardless, it is quite clever. And inspiring!