Technorati’s State of the Blogosphere 2009

Each year Technorati, the online service that indexes blogs throughout the Internet, dives deep to look at the world of blogs, bloggers and blogging in its annual State of the Blogosphere. This year Technorati CEO Richard Jalichandra presented it as his keynote to the popular BlogWorld 2009 in Las Vegas in October. His assessment:

“The state of the blogosphere is strong.”

The report itself is published as a five-part series (plus introduction) with lots of easy-to-read graphs giving the overview of statistical findings:

I found Day 5 on the impact of blogging to be particularly of interest. If you skip past the discussion of the relationship between Twitter and blogging, there is talk of how blogging has had an impact on both the last U.S. election and the recent Iranian election.

A survey of bloggers show they believe the areas of politics, technology and business are among those on which blogging has the greatest impact:


And they believe politics, technology and business will continue to be impacted, while topics such as green/environment, academics and health will be impacted more:


Graphics source: Technorati –

Story via Brian Solis.

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