Khadr Military Commission Prosecution to Continue

Omar Khadr’s lawyer is currently arguing before the Supreme Court of Canada (you can watch/listen to it live). He just now (10.10 a.m.) announce to the Court that he learned an hour ago that the U.S. Military Commission prosecution of Khadr, which had been stalled, is to continue.


  1. Looks like it has now ended. I watched/listened to some of the arguments by the intervenors, and found it interesting. There are a number of issues the court must consider, such as:
    – courts do not usually direct governments on what to do
    – relations between Canada and the U.S.
    – usually courts decide on people being deported out of a country, not being repatriated to that country
    – Khadr was a minor when imprisoned
    – what have been the Canadian government’s actions and reasoning to date

    There was talk throughout as to whether the Supreme Court of Canada has jurisdiction.