2009 ABA Blawg List Posted

It’s awards season – we’ve already seen the GG’s and the Giller announced. The list for Canada Reads is coming out today, and the ABA Journal has released its third list of the top 100 law blogs.

Congratulations to Jordan Furlong. Law 21 was nominated (again), with the following commentary:

Jordan Furlong has a knack for looking at trees and seeing a forest. He doesn’t blog legal news as it breaks, but looks for trends and provides skeptical analyses of what all of the yay-sayers are spouting about the present and future of the practice of law.

You can find him under the Careers tab.

FP Legal Post was nominated in the News category . It’s going to be a tough call between 3 Geeks and a Law Blog, Dennis Kennedy.com and Above and Beyond KM in the Tech category.


  1. Thanks very much, Wendy! I’m only sorry to see that Slaw wasn’t recognized in this year’s edition — there are a number of blogs that I think merited inclusion, and Slaw tops that list by a wide margin. It’s an oversight that I hope gets rectified in 2010.