New York Times on Small Screens

The New York Times has released a viewer for its newspaper called the Times Skimmer, which displays stories in a simple grid format for use on small screens such as those on smart phones. Readers are able to choose stories from a menu of Times topical sections and categories. Keyboard shortcuts allow readers to thumb their way more efficiently through the news. As well, they can choose from seven different formats. Click on any of the thumbnails below to see an enlarged version of the format.

The Skimmer isn’t the best way to read the Times on an iPhone: there’s an app for that.


  1. I like the interface design, and the grid effect. Particularly for use on a larger monitor, I thought consuming headlines seemed very fast.

    I also liked the transition effect between sections; and how the advertising unit visually stands apart.

    My $.02 :)

  2. The other thing that’s cool, if you’re geeky, is that they’re using Typekit to get the fonts to be the same for the heads and subheads as the ones they use in print.