Nominations Open for the 2009 CLawbies


It’s that time of year again! The 2009 Canadian Law Blog Awards (CLawBies) is now open for nominations. Categories will resemble last year’s when the nominations were first opened up to the adoring Canadian law blog audience. From the blog:

How to Nominate in 2009:

Between now and Monday December 28th, publicly nominate a Canadian authored legal blog using ANY of the following methods:

  1. Tweet your endorsement on along with the hashtag text: #clawbies2009. We’ll be monitoring!
  2. Email your favourite blog, along with a sample post or two, or any other notable highlights to Steve Matthews at It’s not a public nomination, but still acceptable.
  3. Or the most influential method, write a blog post about three other Canadian law blogs you currently read and tell us why those blogs are important to you. Like last year, we want you to be a humble Canadian and tell us NOTHING about your own blog. In return, we promise the nominator’s blog will receive a thorough review, as will your suggested peers, AND you get a chance to plug a fellow Canadian blogger!

The categories will resemble previous years, so no need to submit categories. We’ll figure that part out. Where we would appreciate some help though, is identifying US & European law blogs that pay attention to the Canadian legal blogosphere. Or perhaps more fun, the sleeper pick that no one else has heard of!

If you are looking for ideas for nominations, remember there is a comprehensive Canadian Law Blogs List over at The CLawbies (as well as are the brainchild and run by none other than our own Steve Matthews.

The 2009 CLawbies will be announced on New Year’s Eve. Stay tuned!

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