Another Law News Current Awareness Tool

I hate not knowing everything. I am fairly certain that this is not a unique position among law librarians. Fortunately, people in my firm share their knowledge with me. Thanks to Field Law partner Janice Jong, I learned about

Lawday is a newsletter that has been in circulation by email for over three years. The site offers legal news from North America as well as directories of leading lawyers, arbitrators and legal experts. The site also offers aggregation of law firm newsletters every Thursday – called Law Bulletins on their site.

From the About page:

LawDay reaches over 25,000 lawyers a day compared to 30,000 a week for Lawyers Weekly and 16,000 a month for Lexpert. The LawDay newsletter receives over 120,000 hits per week.

60% of the lawyers receiving LawDay are located in Canada while 40% of the lawyers are in the United States. The number of American lawyers reached by LawDay is more than 10 times the number reached be any other Canadian publication. Access to the American market is an unique and important marketing tool.

The site offers an email subscription only, free of charge, but not RSS. I see the publishers perspective on this – it is nice to know exactly how many regular readers you have and who they are. Web stats can give you an idea how many are reading, but the who is a bit more difficult.

Thanks for the tip Janice!

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