Cornell University’s Digitized Law Books

Thanks to a tweet by @richards1000 I was reminded about Cornell University Library’s digitization project, which has resulted in over 2000 law books’ becoming freely available online at the Internet Archive. Slawyer Michael Lines spent some time at Cornell in 2008 and reported on the digitization project then current. As with most texts in the Internet Archive, you are able to read these materials online in an interactive version of the actual books, see or download them in plain text or PDF, or obtain them in, among others, a format suitable for Kindle or EPUB.

I’ve done a fairly simple extraction of Canadian law books from this Cornell set, searching for [Canada] and then the names of the provinces. This resulted in a list of nearly 100 books (hyperlinked to the Archive). I’ve put the list on Slaw and made a PDF of it that you can download.

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