LAWPRO Magazine Also Covers Slaw

Although Dan Pinnington recently mentioned the current issue of LawPRO Magazine, he didn’t point out that we got some coverage in it too.

The section on blogs, found on page 4, gives special mention to Slaw,

Blogs also offer readers the opportunity to respond and comment, thus starting an online discussion. (Of course, this has its risks:
Readers’ comments must be monitored to ensure that offensive or defamatory material is not published on your blog.) …
Some notable Canadian law blogs include slaw (, “a Canadian co-operative weblog about any and all things legal”
and Law 21: Dispatches From A Legal Profession On The Brink ( by Jordan Furlong, former editor-in-chief of the
Canadian Bar Association’s National Magazine.
Good examples of blogs by practising lawyers include Garry Wise’s Wise Law Blog ( and the
Hull & Hull Estate Law Blog (

There is also a more in-depth interview with Garry on page 7, where he references Michael Carabash and myself,

His blog is another means of “getting the information out there” – in a variety of formats. He often includes video clips, forexample, and has just added a video series called OMG! Law Talk, which features “informal, but often emphatic conversations on legal issues, politics, technology and social media” between Wise and fellow law bloggers Michael Carabash and Omar Ha-Redeye.

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