Slaw Wins Blawggie – Again

I’m more than proud to be able to say that Dennis Kennedy, that powerhouse of American law blogging, has awarded the 2009 Blawggie for Best Overall Law-Related Blog to Slaw. This is the second year in a row we’ve been favoured with the award — and we’re chuffed, to say the least.

Kennedy sets out the criteria by which he measures the blawgs he reads on a regular basis: They should offer “(1) consistently useful content, (2) a generous and helpful approach, and (3) a combination of commitment and talent, with an emphasis on good writing.”

Of Slaw, he says:

SLAW is a repeat winner. It is a group blog written by a steadily growing list of the brightest minds in Canada on the subject of law practice management and other legal topics. Like last year, whenever I sat down and thought about what blawgs were candidates for this award, I always came back to SLAW. It can be very difficult to achieve continuity and continue to keep momentum and quality with a group blog (especially where contributors have their own individual blogs), but SLAW has continued to succeed. I like the steady stream of high-quality, useful posts on a variety of topics, often with practical advice you can use immediately. Simon Fodden is the SLAW administrator and there is a stated aim “to share knowledge, offer advice and instruction, and occasionally provoke.” Which they do.

We urge you to check out all of the winners:

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11. The DennisKennedy.Blog Best Legal Technology Blog – Ron Friedmann’s Strategic Legal Technology

12. Most Important Trend in Law-related Blogging – Tie: Group Blogs and Microblogging


  1. Huge congratulations, Simon! A richly deserved honour that reflects all the effort and talent you put into this site. — kudos!

  2. Simon – Give yourself a slew of pats on the back (assuming you are still flexible enough to do so without straining something important). Otherwise, allow yourself a virtual few and accept them from all of us.


  3. By the way, is there a blog award in any of the mainstream “best of law blogs” lists for a “best intentional humour in writing about law” blog?

    Or is that to Pythonesque, even for online legal reality?

    I don’t mean “law humour”websites such as as Andrew McClurg’s remarkable (used as a compliment, not a “weasel” work”), which is in a class of its own and can’t (I think) be called just blog. Also, much of what Mr. McClurg posts was not intended – by its authors – to be funny. Which, of course, makes it all the more funny.

    Anybody care to wonder why one of the two ReCaptch words for this post is “sante” which, apart from its French meaning of “health” contains the word” sane”? I think I’ll see if reCaptcha is programmed to look for key words in a potential posting and then offer a test word which might somehow relate.

    Or, this is more proof that the world is stranger than we think (stochastically speaking, anyway).


  4. Simon:

    Congrats to you for the steady hand in herding this particular group of legal cats and consistently winning award after award.

    Glad to see that so many others recognize your efforts and the results you achieve.

    Keep up the great work (and the automated posting reminders!)



  5. What they said: congratulations to Simon and the whole gang of four that keep this show running when we very occasionals are off doing other things. Well done – Slaw is certainly on the top of my regular blog reading, even before Dennis Kennedy gave me more good reasons for it.

  6. Congratulations Simon! An honour well deserved for all your amazing efforts with Slaw and supporting all of us, and your passion for the blog!

  7. It’s very kind of Dennis Kennedy to give us this honour. Thanks to Simon for keeping us running, and to everyone here for all the contributions! This sort of effort only takes place with a lot of community effort.

  8. Such a well deserved award – SLAW is always relevant, always interesting, and the dedication of the team is marvellous. I read the headlines daily; wish that I could contribute more, but appreciate everyone’s fantastic efforts, especially Simon!! Season’s Greetings !!