Are Big Law Firm Blogs Boring? Yes, No, Maybe

I was reading Connie Crosby’s recent post National: Canada’s Best Law Firm Websites. It described an article in the Canadian Bar Association’s National magazine about the best law firm websites in a variety of categories, including blogs.

And then, I came across an article in Legal Blog Watch on

As the world goes to hell in a handbasket, the blawgosphere is abuzz with a debate over whether big firm blogs are boring. Blame it on the ABA Journal’s Blawg 100, which listed but two blogs from Am Law 100 firms. Not surprising, opines big-firm blogger Mark Herrmann, because big-firm blogs lack voice and are boring. No they’re not, responds Kevin O’Keefe, who happens to be in the business of selling blogs to big firms. Yes they are, counters Scott H. Greenfield, adding that it’s a good thing, because it weans out the weak blogs and allows the strong to thrive. Yes they are, agrees Carolyn Elefant, because big firm blogs lack palpable passion.

You be the judge.

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