I am currently looking at a variety of e-book readers and may indulge in one in the near future. Perhaps similar to choosing countertops for our kitchen, no e-reader is perfect and offers all the features one may want. If you have selected one you love, please let me know. At the current time, I am using the Barnes & Nobles e-book software on my iphone and it’s pretty good, but the iphone screen is small for reading for a lengthy amount of time.
On a related point, I am interested in publishing an e-book. I would like to hear experiences in doing so. Did you publish on your own? Did you work with a third party? What format did you publish in? Any recommendations are appreciated. Thanks.


  1. I just purchased the Sony Touch E-Reader. I like it. You can make notes, write memos, as well as store photos and music. With the Touch you simply swipe the pages as opposed to using a stylus – similar to the the using the ITouch. I decided against the Kindle as I did not want to be ties down to Amazon’s website. With the Sony I can download from whichever site I choose. It does not have wireless internet capability like the Kindle but as I have an ITouch, an internet compatible phone and a laptop, having a wireless ereader seemed unnecessary.

  2. Have a look at the e-books market overview at http://wiki.mobileread.com/wiki/E-book_Reader_Matrix

    It’s astounding to see how many devices are out there! Can the marketplace *really* sustain this many readers?