Yammer On

The Real-time web has been a popular topic in recent times as we all try to figure out how it is changing, and will continue to change our work lives. I’ve recently started Yammering here at Dalhousie; no not prattling on endlessly, but using the service Yammer or enterprise microblogging. In simple terms think Twitter, without the 140 character limit and limited to your workplace or business email domain. The product has been around for a couple of years and has been referred to in passing here at Slaw previously. In the short time that I’ve used Yammer at my institution I’ve found that it has been successful in bringing together individuals from units that normally do not correspond or cross paths, even though we would all probably be better off if we did. It was brought home this week with the launch of the Ipad as a vigorous discussion broke out about the product, it’s overall potential and the potential impact at this university, absent Yammer, this discussion would have occurred amongst a much smaller group of people who already have these discussions on a regular basis. Twitter is obviously very prominent but a service such as this allows a topic to be discussed in the context of your institution with the convenience of the real-time web.

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