Conference on Canada-U.S. Cross-Border Relations

The Canadian Bar Association’s National International Law Section and the National Continuing Education Committee are presenting the 2010 International Law conference on “The Future of Canada-U.S. Cross-Border Relations” on May 6-7 in Vancouver.

The conference program (available in PDF) lists the following plenary events and breakout sessions:

  • Legal Lessons in Inter-Jurisdictional Relations from the 2010 Olympics Games
  • Cross Border Regulation and Trade
  • Labour Movement and Human Trafficking into the Pacific North West
  • Corporate Complicity in International Human Rights Abuse – The Search for Effective Remedies (dinner keynote – speaker: Justice Ian Binnie)
  • TILMA, AIT, NAFTA, and WTO: Integration or fragmentation of inter-jurisdictional law?
    Trade Issues: “buy American”, border congestion, and “cap & trade”
  • A Practical Guide to Cross-border Mediation-Arbitration
  • An American Perspective on Canadian and American Legal Cross-border Concerns and Opportunities
  • Canadian and American Cross-border Concerns and Opportunities: A dialogue between the legal profession, stakeholders, and government
  • Freedom of Expression during International Events
  • Year in Review: New Developments in Cross-border business dispute resolution

The registration form is available online in PDF.

The Law Societies of British Columbia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan and Upper Canada (a.k.a. Ontario) are offering accreditation in connection with this conference. Details are available on the CBA site.

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