Slaw’s EasyReader

We’ve introduced a new feature to the website: EasyReader. It’s essentially the ability to read any entry in much larger type and isolated from surrounding material. The link to enable you to do this is the small image of a page with a plus sign in the corner — — that will appear to the right of the title of an entry. Clicking on the image will cause an “overlay” containing the enlarged text to appear above the webpage; clicking anywhere outside the overlay or on the “close” button at the upper right of the overlay will cause the normal webpage to reappear. The hyperlinks in EasyReader are active, but clicking on one will take you out of EasyReader.

In order to make use of this function you must have Javascript enabled in your browser. If, for some reason, you’re unable to make use of this feature, you can increase the size of the web page text in most modern browsers.

It’s possible that you may encounter difficulties or infelicities in using this function. If so, please let us know, describing the circumstances.

Enjoy. Or, rather, Enjoy

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