Facebook Tip: Save Your Sanity by Turning Off Farmville Updates

I am reasonably sure the number of Farmville updates appearing on Facebook News feeds is approaching the number of spam emails sent each day. We need to stop this madness! I say this with all due respect to my friends who are clearly Farmville addicts.

There is an easy way to prevent Farmville updates appearing on your Wall. Simply put your mouse over the item, and click the Hide Farmville button. This will block Farmville updates from appearing on your wall.

Note that this works for updates from any other annoying Facebook apps like Mafia Wars or Birthday Gifts. It also works for blocking updates from just plain annoying people!

And for the Farmville addicts out there, here’s another great reason not to be friends with clients on Facebook: what are they going to think when they see you posting updates from Farmville 7-24? They aren’t worrying about the lost cow and they don’t want any special eggs. They are going to think you aren’t that busy or don’t have time to work on their matter. They are going to wonder when they will get a copy of that draft document you promised them.

Save our collective sanity and banish Farmville from your Wall.


  1. Oh thank you for this article. I have several Farmville and Mafia Wars addicts as friends. Their constant updates drive me insane. It will be nice to not have to sift through them anymore.