Speaker Milliken’s Ruling

in today’s historic announcement on parliamentary privilege can be found here.

The Speaker’s Rulings website is woefully out of date.

Here are links to coverage by the Globe and CBC.


  1. Were the Speaker’s remarks officially released only on Scribd? Or were they also released online some other way?

    Now that it’s been published, here is a link to the online Edited Hansard of the 3rd Session of the 40th Parliament: House of Commons Debates, No. 034 (2010-04-27): “Provision of Information to Special Committee on the Canadian Mission in Afghanistan—Speaker’s Ruling

  2. Thanks for that. I was surprised (given the significance of the Ruling) that it was not available officially anywhere else. Parliament always operates on a Hansard schedule so that only today will an official version emerge.

    The version I linked to was all that I think was available contemporaneously.