FireFox Adds Toolbar Customization

Not that Firefox wasn’t the most customizable browser already, but the upcoming edition will allow you to add and remove elements from all installed toolbars – paring your experience down to a single row, if desired.

As someone who currently uses three rows of toolbars, plus the area taken up by in-browser tabs, screen real estate is always an issue. Moving to larger monitors & screen resolutions does help, but it remains a constant balance between adding functionality -vs- viewable area. Knowing that I’m overly reliant on my ‘bookmarks toolbar’ – which I jam as many essential links into as possible – the idea of consolidating the rest of my browser experience into a single toolbar is very appealing.

For many of us, the browser is now our primary computer interface. Anyone else care to share a tip on making that experience more productive?


  1. My only browser innovation is to use two. I have our firm Intranet as a start page in IE and make use of the links bar for standard legal research tasks (statutes acces, Westlaw Canada, CLB Onine, Maritime Law Book, CanLII, LNQL, and bills sources).
    I use Firefox with my iGoogle as the start page and FireFox toolbar shortcuts limited (as much as possible) to social media sites and technology innovations.

    I really look forward to this new version of FireFox.