KMers – the Weekly Knowledge Management Chat

A number of groups have taken to Twitter for weekly scheduled chats. The conversation from everyone (whether you have them in your Twitter contacts list or not) is pulled together with a designated tag. Of course, this only works if you have a public Twitter account; with closed accounts only those who follow you will see your part of the conversation.

One of the latest entries into the Twitter chat arena is KMers, organized by Robert Swanwick, affectionately known to everyone as Swan. KMers covers topics in the area of Knowledge Management.

Previous chat events have included:

(the bottom of each page has a link to related content and the chat content itself).

The next meeting, tomorrow, taking place at 17:00 UTC/12:00 ET is on Carrots for KM–i.e. efforts around putting incentives in place for participating in KM initiatives. To participate in the chat, sign up on the KMers website. Post your discussion on Twitter (you will need an account) with the tag #KMers. If you just want to watch the live conversation, it is available from the website under Chat.


  1. Hello Connie,

    Good initiative this blog on KM. Much success for the next conference!

  2. Thanks for this post about #KMers I am happy to report that several months later we are still going strong with a chat every week.

    If Knowledge Management is not your cup of tea, check out the Twitter Chat Schedule for a list of well over 100 options

  3. Hi Swan:

    Thank you for dropping by with the update!