Digital Books

I have my fingers and toes crossed that an Apple Store in Michigan can hook me up with a shiny new iPad tomorrow. I am flying through Detroit on my way to the CALL/MichALL 2010 Conference in Windsor. An iPad is an early birthday present since an e-reader has been on my must have list for a while. Now that I can acquire an e-reader on steroids, I can’t wait any longer. Canadians have to wait for the iPad release, and since I can’t reserve over the phone, or online without a US mailing address, I just have to make some calls from the Avis counter at the Wayne County airport to see if stock is available, and hope hope hope.

Coincidentally, today the Legal Informatics Blog has a post about Law books on The Open Library. We talked about this project on Slaw back in 2005. They have a LOT of cool stuff in there now so it is worth a look. I hope I can browse it soon with my iPad.


  1. You will love it — I got mine as a birthday present and altho it’s different than I expected, it’s very cool!

  2. Shaunna Mireau

    Well, it worked. Several phone calls from the Detroit airport checking supply, a rental car for a few hours, a layout of several hundred dollars, and, voila…one iPad.
    From which I posted this comment.
    Now looking forward to buying apps on Thursday with the Detroit airport wifi. Apple has figured out all tricks to block app downloads in Canada.

    For anyone at CALL, I am happy to show off my new toy.

    ReCaptcha says “dung savages”…should I worry?