Media Monitoring and Current Awareness

I attended an excellent conference session this week at the CALL/ACBD/MichALL Conference in Windsor. The session, titled Media Monitoring and Current Awareness: Tools in the Information Explosion. There was a panel of speakers including Casian Moscovici from NATIONAL Public Relations, Jillian Taylor a Librarian from Fasken Martineau, and Connie Crosby of Crosby Group Consulting (and Slaw too of course). Some presentation materials are already posted.

Media monitoring and current awareness take up a lot of time in the daily routine for the library staff at my firm. The pressures of knowing immediately when something critical is taking place have been growing. Instant communication techniques like twitter and other social media means that the 10 minute delay for Google Reader news feeds might be too long. Risk increases when news breaks first online.

I thought that we Field library folk were doing pretty good at current awareness gathering with aggregating and pushing out requested information daily. The great information passed along in this session causes me to wonder if that is true. Would you want crucial watch information more than once per day? Twice a day? Is hourly checking too much or not enough?


  1. Wendy Reynolds

    Current awareness is a place where a library can really make an impact on the organization. We can generate a huge amount of good will for ourselves, and actually contribute in a material way to our clients’ work.
    The challenge is to match your offering to the resources you have available. A daily push may be as much as your clients want to receive. On the other hand, if you happen to flip them a story about their biggest client, or a new trend in their area of practice, you’ll look like an Info Goddess. Making serendipity look effortless is a lot of work! Think about how to best spend your time, and be shameless in dropping activities that don’t pay you.