A True History of Atlantis

Consider this a post somehow related to the knuckle-dragging Weltanschauung  that produces conduct such as the federal troglodytes’ cancellation of the long-standing grant to the Gay Pride parade organization.

Once upon a time – or in current jargon “back in the day” – much of the social interaction portions of the Internet were a wilder place. “Flame wars” (aka “flames”) in the open-to-all-comers portions of USENET were legendary. All one needed was an ISP, a dialup modem, and suitable OLR (Off Line Reader) software.

There were some more moderated, usually more civilized, paid membership only, places – the discussion forums of places such as Compuserve, America Online, Prodigy and a host of other places – consider them as the equivalent of gated communities – but flames occurred even there. One solution in a place I inhabited – Compuserve – was to designate particular sections within a forum for edgier issues and debate. That helped to contain the viciousness of USENET, while still allowing those with more outré beliefs to be heard.

What follows – with names altered to protect the innocent and less than innocent – is part of an exchange that took place in one of Compuserve forums, in the section called “Marginal Issues”. The section number for that section was 13, but only because section 8 was already taken by a group which merited the label. In the place where the exchange took place, it’s known as an “Atlantis thread” and rests in the pantheon of honoured forum threads.

The backstory is a prior discussion about homosexuality and its relationship to history, civilization, and the EOTWAWKI – you’ll recall the section label was “Marginal Issues ” – which resulted in a visit to the forum by “Patty”. Her views, as you will see, were outré.

Without further ado, then, the beginning of an Atlantis thread:

#: 1496549 S13/Marginal Issues
07-Jul-95 19:17:15
Sb: #Patty interprets history
Fm: Patty
To: Bob

>>Ahh, this again. Didn’t we go through this about 10 days ago? You made this claim, several people challenged you on it, and you never replied. And here we are making the claim again. >>

I did name them, Bob. Here they are again.

Babylonia, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Atlantis, Sodom, Gomorrah.

Babylonia, once the home of the richest and most cultured races on earth ended when “The Lord aw fit to bring destruction upon Babylon.”

Sodom and Gomorrah, “destroyed by the Lord.” They literally burned themselves up with sexual excesses and abuses, such as homosexuality and lesbianism.

Greece, another enlightened civilization, fell into decadence through what is known as the Cult of Sappho, who taught auto-erotism.

Rome, became decadent, sought maximum pleasure, minimum responsibility.

Atlantis, destroyed when priests introduced homosexuality into the temples, and scientists mated humans with animals in the laboratories.

I always know when I hit on something effective, because you immediately change the subject and want to know where I learned it, so you can discredit them too.

1496689 S13/Marginal Issues
07-Jul-95 20:20:25
Sb: #1496549-#Patty interprets history
Fm: Dan
To: Patty

Atlantis?!! ATLANTIS?!! You’re blaming the destruction of a mythical continent on homosexuality?!! Oh my stars and bars!! YOU WIN, PATTY!!

The single stupidest thing ever said on the issues forum — at least for this month — has now been said. And the winner is … (don’t bother with an envelope) … Patty … !!

Congratulations. Here’s your trophy. It’s a little plaster statue of a guy with his head so far up his butt he can lick his tonsils from the backside.

I had the privilege of being a later participant in the thread, as you’ll see when I continue the thread in the coming weeks. The thread will touch on subjects including Cayce, Sinbad, the disappearance of the Rocs, Rhubarb, October 17, 4004 BCE, Zach and Stagger Lee, other explanations for the fall of Atlantis and their connection to the story of a carpenter from Bethlehem, and Casablanca (the movie, not the place).


  1. This is true brilliance! The finest example of human achievment in metacognition I’ve read in a very long time. Thank you David, for sharing this piece of enlightenment. I can’t wait to sail off for other legendary islands of lore. I hope with every fibre of my being that “Patty” is not anyone I look up to in an authority position!