Slaw’s 5th Anniversary~!

♬Oh dreams Sea of wonder
Sea of dreams
夢は 素直に笑うために 描くもの
Sailing free on a sea of dreams
you and me
Sailing free on a sea of dreams…♬

Music by: John Kavanaugh; lyrics written and recorded by: MISIA for Tokyo DisneySea’s 5th Anniversary.

SLAW is looking forward to its future in this video from Canadian Lawyer intern Bryan Smith who was on hand to cover SLAW’s 5th Anniversary celebratory event at the Toronto offices of Heenan Blaikie LLP on Thursday May 13, 2010. Simon Fodden and Simon Chester are interviewed on this video and they provide some insights on the past 5 years of SLAW.CA:

What it even more interesting are Simon’s thoughts on looking ahead to the future of Slaw. It truly highlights what you can do when you have a great crew and are sailing free on a sea of dreams.

(the Music Video for the Disney song is sweet and touching. I highly recommend taking the time and viewing it on YouTube here in the English version.)

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