Archival Canadian and Australian Statutes on HeinOnline

HeinOnline is now offering an add-on subscription for archival Canadian and Australian legislation with the following scope:

Acts of the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia, 1901-2008

Acts of the Parliament of Canada, 1792-2007

We are in the process of subscribing so I have not been able to test the feature of being able to search across the full text of all Acts or to narrow the search to a specific year or just the Tables or Tables of Contents. Presumably it is also browsable.

With this content, and with the likely future content of other Canadian legislative material being digitized by various Canadian law libraries and other organizations (SLAW postings here, here and here on that topic), many private law libraries (including at my own organization) may be at the stage to free up close to 2 long rows of this material in print (assuming the online versions to be reliable and easy-to-use).

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