More Dead?

Downtown Toronto because of the G20 or the GTA’s various “Little Italys” because of the World Cup result?

 Italy was just eliminated in the first round. Didn’t win a game. Lost to Slovakia? and the Swiss. (Oops, Spain lost to the Swiss. Italy tied New Zealand. That would be like Canada tying with Khazakhstan in hockey. Were the Vatican guards playing for Switzerland?) I could understand that if this were hockey, but football? France? It pancaked yesterday, pouting.

Italy and France eliminated early sounds like a scorecard for a mid to late 2d millenium European war. 

The bars in Toronto and and the northwest GTA, at least, are really going to be hurting.

 There must be a country & western hurting song – is there any other kind? – for this.


  1. One French supporter I know suggested a rewrite of La Marseillaise:

    “Aux larmes citoyens….. prenoooons notre avioonnnn,
    rentronnns,rentronnns…aa la maison…
    on auraaa l’air moins cons…”

  2. If you had to stand through pregame renditions of that anthem, you’d be tired too.

    La Marseillaise?

    or with the lyrics translated

    but, on the other hand, once upon a time in Casablanca

    Given the genesis of La Marseillaise would distributing its lyrics in English to a crowd of G20 protestors be considered inciting public disorder?