The End of an Era

As per the subject line, today marks the end of an era. After 18 years at the Bora Laskin Law Library at the University of Toronto and then 12 years at the Sir James Dunn Law Library at the Schulich (nee Dalhousie) School of Law at Dalhousie University Ann Morrison is retiring. Ann is a veritable legend in the field of law librarianship, with a list of achievements that I could not do justice to with a Blog post. While I am sad to see her leave us, Ann’s retirement is well-earned and Ann has truly had a lasting impact on her chosen profession and the people and institutions she came in contact with. I can personally attest that Ann has been a great boss to work for and there are many others that could do the same. The tree of professionals whom got their start with Ann is one with thick and far reaching foliage, drop by a law library near you and there is a good chance that someone there has some connection to Ann Morrison. I’m sure that we will see Ann at future CALL/ACBD conferences and that her influence will continue to be felt, but for now, I would like to use this platform to wish her the best and let her know that she will be missed, it truly is the end of era.


  1. Ann was extremely influential in being a positive influence in my development as a law librarian, having had the opportunity to work for her while a student in the Master program at U of Toronto and then subsequently being given the opportunity to replace her when she left for Dal.

    Ann also taught the legal librarianship course at U of T (along with Jim Spence), which was my first introduction to the discipline, and recall learning so much about legal resources.

    Of course no one replaces Ann and what I remember most about Ann is her story-telling and her ability to make everyone laugh and feel welcome. Of course, there is her encyclopedic knowledge of law librarianship, vendors, resources and all of her contributions to the profession.

    It sounds like Mark and I had the same positive experience in working with Ann so I also wanted to use this platform to acknowledge Ann’s contributions and thank her for all of her advice and support over the years.

  2. End of an era, indeed! I, too, am a former student of Ann’s, having taking the legal librarianship course at University of Toronto when she taught it with Anne Rae. I fondly remember Ann as an approachable and giving instructor. Since then, she has always been part of the warm and fun culture I’ve come to expect at the CALL conferences.

    I wish Ann all the best in her new adventure called retirement!

  3. Whew… lawlibrarianship will not be the same. Ann is one of the best… law librarian, AALL Board Member and person. I was very privileged to work with her on the AALL Board… she was full of ideas, rock solid, thoughtful, civil and a joy to work with. With all her other varied interests she’ll keep happily busy, but our profession will feel the void. Ann… BEST WISHES ALWAYS! Al