The Friday Fillip

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Not very exciting, I know. But I used to live near here when I was a little kid. And anyway how many places do you know called “the Dingle”?

This is a map produced by MapSherpa, an online app that will kick out topographical maps of Canada — you know, the ones that show lines around levels, so you know how steep the hill is that you’re about to climb. (Read the bit in Wikipedia that says that I — and MapSherpa are perhaps misusing “topographical. But nevermind.) Nothing too dramatic around the Dingle, of course, because it’s pretty much at sea level. But make yourself a topo of that hike in the Rockies and you’ve got a pretty picture all right.

Sure, Google Earth has got the “seen from above” angle covered, but without those curved lines that connect contours — isohypes — it’s hard to know how hard the trek will be.

MapSherpa lets you create the map online but then wants to charge you for a downloadable PDF. You can, of course, take a screenshot.


  1. Another source of topographical maps of Canada is Toporama, part of the Atlas of Canada produced by Natural Resources Canada.

  2. Hey, don’t knock the Dingle, it remains a hidden gem in Halifax. There are still many people who don’t even know it exists. And as for a good hike, its trails are beautiful, not gruelling at all. Ascending the tower, well, that is another thing.