New 7th Edition of the Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation (McGill Guide)

I see from Carswell’s online catalogue that a new 7th edition of the the Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation (the “McGill Guide”) is due out on July 19, 2010.

There are separate records for what appears to be a softcover version ($50) or a hardcover version ($93) with no immediate indication of there being an online option.

I have long been critical of parts of the McGill Guide so it will be interesting to see what is new in the 7th edition.

I found with the 6th edition there were no good examples of citing to the Canadian Encyclopedic Digest or to your typical OBA or LSUC conference paper. One hopes the editors listened to my complaints.

I also hope they take a more permissive attitude towards neutral citation. I am a strong believer that citing a case with a neutral citation to only the neutral citation is sufficient, with there being no need to include parallel citations.


  1. The problem with citing to the neutral citation only is that this gives access to electronic versions only. The primary reason for including a parallel citation is that it was still considered ideal to give an access point in print, as well. It was never meant to be a neutral citation, and say, a Carswell or Quicklaw citation. That *would* be redundant.

    But I agree that this need to provide a print access point may have diminished since the last publication of the guide.

  2. I see that the publication date has been pushed back to August 12, 2010, so we will have to remain in suspense a little longer.