Internet Archive for Older Ontario Regulations

I have in the past hoped for good (or better) interfaces to the massive amounts of older Canadian legal materials being digitized on the Internet Archive.

While that hope still remains (since I think there is a need for it), I was pleasantly surprised this morning that by simply searching the words “ontario AND regulations AND 1979” in the “Canadian Libraries” database, the result came first and it was relatively easy to get to the particular regulation I was looking for by choosing the PDF format of the document (although the PDF file was a bit large at over 80 MB).

Since most private law libraries don’t necessarily have older regulations on the shelf, this desktop access saved the need to request a photocopy from the courthouse library, thereby saving both time and money.


  1. It would probably make most sense for CanLII to be the group to provide a proper interface for this material — to download it, index it, etc. I suppose the stumbling block here, as ever, is the lack of funding. If CanLII is unable to serve up this older legal material for want of funds, then a well-organized volunteer effort becomes the next best bet.